Hello team! Thank you for providing and supporting...
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Hello team! Thank you for providing and supporting SigNoz! I am currently testing SigNoz application and found something that may be a bug in UI. Steps to reproduce: Select any trace to analyze Go to the bottom of the page Click on Rows per page setting button Try to change the value from 10 to any available The UI does not shows the selected rows quantity Please let me know if there's already a solution for this or if I'm doing something wrong. Many thanks!
@Hercules Gabriel da Silva e Mazucato thanks for the kind words 🙂 Seems like this is a bug in the current version. Can you open an issue with details on this?https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/new/choose
Hello @Pranay nice to meet you! Thank you for the follow-up! Sure, I will report this behavior into github. Thank you very much!
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