<@U03A2NXQM39> have you checked this? <https://sig...
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@Monesh s have you checked this? https://signoz.io/docs/instrumentation/nodejs/
Hi @Pranay i gone through this document
how to start the tracing.js using pm2?
pm2 just span a different process in different core...
would it be working same only ?
@Monesh s Is the standard way of running
not working? Something like
pm2 start -r ./tracing.js index.js
let me check that @Pranay we can pass the environmental variables in .env
is it get picked?
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module.exports = {
  apps : [{
    name: 'app-name',
    script: '/app-name/bin/www',

    // Options reference: <https://pm2.io/doc/en/runtime/reference/ecosystem-file/>
    instances: 1,
    exec_mode : "cluster",
    autorestart: false,
    watch: false,
    max_memory_restart: '1G',
    args: [],
    env: {
      APP_PORT: '3023'

this is our ecosystem-config.js file
now how to modify the script to start the tracing.js
@Prashant Shahi do you have insights on this?
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@User is this a script you are running? Is this possible to add steps importing tracing.js in this script If you are not able to figure out, might be easier to jump on a call sometime to understand your setup
Let me check with importing the file inside the js file and if not will connect in the call.