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Noor Ali

10/11/2023, 9:44 PM
Hello Support Team is there any reason why I am getting this error 2023/10/11 213715 application run finished with error: failed to get config: cannot resolve the configuration: cannot retrieve the configuration: yaml: line 8: mapping values are not allowed in this context . Can please expand on the answer we are getting very close to Testing and Deploying it . This is how we have configured it operators: - type: regex_parser regex: ^\[(?P<timestamp>\d+\/\d+\/\d+ \d{2}\d+\d{2}:\d{3} UTC)\](?P<body>.*) parse_from: attributes.timestamp layout: '%Y-%m-%d,%H:%M:%S %Lz' - type: move from: attributes["body"] to: body - type: remove field: attributes.timestamp