hello! I am evaluating Signoz and i have not been ...
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hello! I am evaluating Signoz and i have not been able to find any documentation about programmatic management of alerts, dashboards, etc. we have a strong need for scripting setup for a variety of reasons are there any APIs or other scripting techniques available? we would be deploying onto EKS via Helm if that helps to clarify i have looked in the documentation and couldn't find any information, happy to take a pointer and thanks!
Hi David 👋 We don't have any ways to programmatic management of alerts and dashboards. Though we can help you out with APIs of alerts and dashboards. cc: @Ankit Nayan
The OSS APIs can be used with an API_KEY which is available only in SaaS or OSS enterprise plan
is there any documentation available to look at to see how comprehensive these are?
It is not different than what OSS repo uses. So, everything in the product should be doable using the API_KEY. We would go for more refined access from API_KEY a few months down the line.
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