Hello everyone I followed the <steps> to add k8s-...
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Hello everyone I followed the steps to add k8s-metrics to signoz but I see inconsistencies between k8s metrics server
kubectl top nodes
and the
HostMetrics Dashboard (K8s)
metrics For example for one specific node •
kubectl top nodes
reports 13% •
CPU Usage
HostMetrics Dashboard (K8s)
reports 20% While looking at the promQL query, I found that CPU Usage is calculated using this formula
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1 - (avg by(k8s_node_name) (irate(system_cpu_time{k8s_cluster_name="{{.k8s_cluster_name}}",k8s_node_name="{{.k8s_node_name}}",state="idle"}[5m])))
I also found that it’s CloudWatch CPU utilization metric and definition is similar to the one provided by k8s metrics server Why does Signoz dashboard use a different definition? how can I implement the metrics server / cloud watch definition in Signoz?