guys getting a weird issue in 0.21.0 frontend afte...
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guys getting a weird issue in 0.21.0 frontend after upgrade from 0.18.3 (i ran the migration scripts). Time series graphs are not displaying in dashboard clickhouse query
SELECT quantile(0.5)(durationNano/1e6) as p50, name, toDateTime(toStartOfMinute(timestamp)) AS ts FROM signoz_traces.signoz_index_v2 WHERE serviceName='testapp' AND timestamp>=toDateTime(intDiv({{.SIGNOZ_START_TIME}}, 1000)) AND timestamp<=toDateTime(intDiv({{.SIGNOZ_END_TIME}}, 1000)) AND name like 'GET /%' GROUP BY name,ts ORDER BY p50 DESC LIMIT 1000
When you write ClickHouse queries, you need to give the result column with the reserved name, any of these work
. Use them instead of
and it should work. The reason is you could have another number part of the select clause such as http_status_code so there needs to be some way to distinct between the result column vs the rest.
thank you that worked!