Hi, we are using Otel tags to tag the deployment e...
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Hi, we are using Otel tags to tag the deployment environment, in the services tab we can filter services using this attribute, but in the exception tab we can’t filter by environment because it doesn’t exist a filter field
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+ @Pranay
What is the better way to do this in Signoz?
We want to get only the exceptions inside of one env
@Fabio Botero Lyons As I understand,
is a separate field right? I don't think we have enabled this in exceptions page as of now. Would filtering based on
Exception type
work for you? There's a small search icon in the field label if you want to filter based on them.
@Ankit Nayan any other ideas on how to solve this?
One way I can think of is to add suffix
to Application name for now and filter based on that - but may be others have better suggestions
Yeah that was our first approach but when we go to the service map tab we noticed that we have redundancy in the connection graph because we had repeated the application with each prefix so to fix it we add the deployment.enviroment tag to each application
but we noticed we fix the dependency graph but we add a new issue related with the exceptions
I think a great approach is to add the same filters that exists in the services tab to the exceptions and service map
this can be helpful
@Pranay hi, What do you think about the feature? Do you think it is viable?
Yeah, makes sense - should help users filter based on environment attributes. Would it be possible for you to create an issue for this here - https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/new/choose We can discuss more there on the exact use cases
I going to create it as a feature request
@Pranay this is the FR link