Wondering how long it takes to change the retentio...
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Wondering how long it takes to change the retention for traces usually through the UI? Its seemingly taking minutes at the moment to go from 6 hours to 2 days. Any idea why it would take so long, I would assume it wouldn’t be proportional to the amount of data?
metrics took a minute or 2 but traces still seems to keep going
currently there are 18 million spans stored (~20 GB)
seems it worked now. Took like 10 minutes, wonder if this can be optimized as it seems it scales with the amount of data
cc @Prashant Shahi @Pranay
Yeah, sometimes it takes more time. @Vishal Sharma may have more insights on this
@Alexei Zenin Traces has around 5-6 tables and far more data than metrics. Setting TTL on clickhouse tables with large is very slow, that’s why we are using async api for setting TTL. For new users it is recommended to set TTL while data is less.
I see. Can this be optimized at all? I foresee a future where I will have TB of data in Clickhouse and will need to tweak the TTL. Will it take days or weeks to change at that point? I would assume I wouldn’t have to wipe out all data for the past month causing our team to lose data and start from scratch each time. Is this possible to optimize at all?
@Alexei Zenin Clickhouse team is already working improving on optimizing TTL: https://github.com/ClickHouse/ClickHouse/issues/10128 Meanwhile we will search other ways to drop old data. You can track issue here: https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/1741