Hi team, does SigNoz support Sampling? ```// sampl...
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Hi team, does SigNoz support Sampling?
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// sampling definition
Sampling is frequently used to reduce the number of traces that are collected and stored in the backend. This is often desirable because it is easy to produce more data than can be efficiently stored and queried. Sampling allows us to store only a subset of the total traces produced.
yes it does support sampling. Ideally it should be done at agent otel-collectors but can be done at signoz collectors also
@Quy Bui are you deploying in k8s or a single VM?
No, I am not deploying yet. May I know what is open source license of SigNoz?
It seems to be that SigNoz only supports head-based sampling (provided by OpenTelemetry). It does not support tail-based sampling
If you can set up tail-based sampling using OpenTelemetry, we can help you set up
which calculates APM metrics before you sample the spans and hence the APM metrics will be correct as they will be based on 100% sampled data