I have a few UI-related questions 1) Is it possibl...
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I have a few UI-related questions 1) Is it possible in the Traces view, to only show the "top level" traces, and not the sub-spans by default? For example for a GET HTTP request, it generates perhaps 20 spans on the traces list, but I would like to only see one line for that request in the overview list 2) When viewing Trace Details, the tags seems to be randomly ordered. If I have 5 subspans (SQL calls) in a row, and click them all one by one, the tags on the right seem to jump up and down for all 5, making it hard to compare them. Is there anything do do about that? Perhaps a feature request otherwise? 🙂
@Henrik for 1, can you share more details on your use case? Do you want a collapse view like this by default? Today you can do that by clicking the aarrow icon near the number ( e.g. 51 here)
Sure, maybe I was unclear. It is on the overview list, when you click "Traces" in the menu, the page will all the filters on the left. I would like it to list just the traces, and not every database call, or sub-span. In the example below, only two of the items in the list are actual "top-level" traces, the others are database calls etc. that are sub-spans of those traces.