Hi there. I'm trying to trial Signoz locally and n...
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Hi there. I'm trying to trial Signoz locally and not understanding how to log in. I've followed the Docker standalone instructions (link ) and run
. Contains look like they're up and running fine
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šŸŸ” Starting the SigNoz containers. It may take a few minutes ...

[+] Running 11/11
 āœ” Network clickhouse-setup_default  Created                                                                                                           0.0s 
 āœ” Container hotrod                  Started                                                                                                           1.5s 
 āœ” Container signoz-zookeeper-1      Started                                                                                                           1.5s 
 āœ” Container load-hotrod             Started                                                                                                           1.5s 
 āœ” Container signoz-clickhouse       Healthy                                                                                                           0.1s 
 āœ” Container otel-migrator           Exited                                                                                                            0.1s 
 āœ” Container signoz-query-service    Healthy                                                                                                           0.1s 
 āœ” Container signoz-alertmanager     Started                                                                                                           0.2s 
 āœ” Container signoz-otel-collector   Started                                                                                                           0.2s 
 āœ” Container signoz-logspout         Started                                                                                                           0.1s 
 āœ” Container signoz-frontend         Started                                                                                                           0.1s 
++++++++++++++++++ SUCCESS ++++++++++++++++++++++

šŸŸ¢ Your installation is complete!
Going to the frontend at
I'm redirected to
but don't see any test creds or way to signup in the repo. Any guidance?
I think this is because you already signed up earlier. If you want to clear the sqlite db you can stop the containers , delete the file present in
and restart. Or you can use : To clear all SQLite data, and bring back it up:
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cd signoz
make down-signoz
make clear-standalone-data
make run-signoz
That was it, thanks @Rajat Dabade
Happy to help šŸ˜‡