Hey folks @ SigNoz - I understand SigNoz doesn't r...
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Hey folks @ SigNoz - I understand SigNoz doesn't run on Graviton nodes atm, but are there any plans to make it work on
? I have a feeling I might be breaking the bank soon, running Clickhouse on
nodes 😄
You could perhaps try it out and help us fix it us run on the arm platform.
Sure thing! Was about to suggest that - will reach out early next week after a trial run. Thanks!
Dropping thoughts here. Was thinking about this, and the way I see it - the biggest resource sink in a SigNoz cluster is Clickhouse. Going to take this one step at a time, by first moving Clickhouse to Graviton -
images already exist for `clickhouse/clickhouse-server@24.1.2-alpine`(the image tag the
chart's using by default). That seems to be a good place to get started; after that, I'd like to attack the OTEL collectors and help you support ARM.
The things that I remember to do support the arm were mainly related to query-service and collector.
Although the ClickHouse might work just fine, we have a UDF which calculates the prometheus style histogram quantiles. so we need to address that https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/tree/f24135f5b00d2598b06a5d8d130830775fd657d9/deploy/docker/clickhouse-setup/user_scripts
I managed to deploy Clickhouse on
instances. Is this UDF executed as a part of the migrator job? If yes, then that prob ran successfully, since I only configured Clickhouse to run on Graviton
It's part of init container. The
aggregation might not work but everything else should work.
Gotcha - thanks for flagging this. I'll probably hit this once I start attempting to run other components on Graviton, will burn that bridge when I get there