Hi, i am running into a strange error in my signoz...
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Hi, i am running into a strange error in my signoz setup There seems to be a gap in the traces. I am unable to pinpoint the reason why. As per the trace, the full trace took 9mins but there are large gaps as can be seen in the span graph. My suspicion is either a delay caused by kafka in transmitting the message between the microservices or an issue in our signoz setup/trace. Would it be possible to help debug the reason for this? I am attaching the payload for the trace in the thread of this comment for further understanding.
This is the payload for the trace
I also have a question with respect dashboard panels that i have set up Two panels have similar clickhouse query with same interval yet the data points considered seems to vary Would be of great help if i could show and resolve the question on a quick call, <10-15mins
It is likely due to kafka as you mentioned