I did setup few Log based alert for K8s POD's log ...
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I did setup few Log based alert for K8s POD's log through
Query Builder
but didn't generate alert then i came to know about this
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Note: Presently the logs, traces and exceptions-based alerts support only Clickhouse Query based metric.
Dose that means i have to write
ClickHouse query
only and can't use
Query Builder
available into "Create an Alert" section ? is that correct ?
I think this is old...you can use query builder now. cc @Ashu
Thanks @Ankit Nayan for response - in
Section i can see result of 4 ERROR found but when I write same query in
it showing
No data
Query Builder
- we are at latest version v0.25.3. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong ... @Ashu
It might be possible that error has not occurred recently. Can you try to generate error again and check?
Also try updating the time period to 24 hrs, does it works?
Thanks @Vishal Sharma after setting up duration in
Step 2 - Define Alert Conditions
i can see data in plot through
Query Builder
as well...
@Vishal Sharma Currently Alert showing in Slack only showing Alert title and condition trigger, is there any way to see Actual LOG line in Slack alert through which Alert trigger ? Thanks
@nitya-signoz Is it possible to see actual log line?
Not sure, @Srikanth Chekuri is it possible ?
No, there is only threshold count type of alerts we support at the moment. Please see https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/3008
Got it, Thanks team @Vishal Sharma @nitya-signoz @Srikanth Chekuri