curious, why is Signoz only recommending exporting...
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curious, why is Signoz only recommending exporting via
and not
link to docs? cc: @Prashant Shahi and @Srikanth Chekuri
Usually, it’s painful to get gRPC installed/work in Ruby, Python Node.js, the docs for these languages suggest http for this reason.
Usually it is due to a slightly performance advantage from gRPC over HTTP (or REST...). But I am also interested if there are other reasons, maybe the SigNoz colleagues can tell us more.
I am that SigNoz colleague who requested to add that note for dynamic languages; there are no other reasons. It could have been better worded to make the intent explicit. If you can get gRPC to work for you, use it but otherwise, having something work is better than nothing. The Proto HTTP exporter also uses the Protobuf binary serialization always and HTTP/2 depending on the underlying client library used. We are going to reword it