hi! in the exceptions UI, where do these values co...
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hi! in the exceptions UI, where do these values come from? we have a bunch of attributes set on the span it was emitted from but it doesn’t seem to show up here.
@Vishal Sharma should have more details on this
@Lucas Salibian Currently we only show few columns in exceptions table, as shown below
You need to send exception event with a span if want to record an exception manually, in most languages exceptions are recorded automatically.
Go through this doc for more information: https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/exceptions/ Let me know if you have any more questions.
we did that. the thing is that the attributes we set on the span aren’t visible on the
page under they key value table
but they are if we drill down into the trace graph
Exceptions detail doesn’t have tag attributes, if you want to see you can check them by clicking on
See error on trace graph
. Why would you like to see all attributes on exception detail page?
hey! I think we figured it out. yeah if we expand that all the info we need is there. thanks 🙂