I have tried to use dashboards in sigNoz (v0.19.0)...
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I have tried to use dashboards in sigNoz (v0.19.0) that is deployed in DigitalOcean Kubernetes. When add k8s-metrics (cpu & memory, kubernetes-metrics) dashboard added, it show panels but most of contents of the panels did not display. Dashboard of hostmetrics-k8s.json seems to work and display most of data. How can I solve this problems? When I tried to use k8s-metrics dashboard in locally running minikube, part of metrics displayed (not all). Are these problem in configuration of sigNoz or dashboards json contents? After installing metrics-server in kubernetes, I could get memory and cpu usage data using kubectl top pod or kubectl describe podMetrics commands. Are there ways to import data of kubectl top or kubectl describe podMetrics command or metrics-server into dashboard? I wrote this in dashboard's github issue. but I have no responses so far.