the logs display: 2023-03-13T10:45:13.119Z error c...
# support
the logs display: 2023-03-13T104513.119Z error clickhousetracesexporter/writer.go:110 Could not write a batch of spans {"kind": "exporter", "data_type": "traces", "name": "clickhousetraces", "error": "clickhouse: dateTime overflow. timestamp must be between 1925-01-01 000000 and 2283-11-11 000000"}*SpanWriter).backgroundWriter /src/exporter/clickhousetracesexporter/writer.go:110
@Rock Sun The troubleshoot binary checks if the otel-collector grpc endpoint is accessible with dummy data. However, since the dummy data is incomplete, it is rejected by SigNoz OtelCollector with the error above.
If you wish to make sure that otel-collector endpoint is accessible as well as the telemetry data is accepted, you can make use of
The sample trace/metrics sent using it can be verified from SigNoz UI.