Hi, The docs state that the k8s deployment automa...
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Hi, The docs state that the k8s deployment automatically parses container_name and other relevant k8 fields, and I can see them within the log record. Do I have to do another step to make it a "suggested field" or should I be able to query it as is. Side Question: Are there any k8 helm examples for modifying the collector for json parsing specifically? Thanks in advance.
I don’t see k8s_container_name in selected or interesting fields, if it’s not present you won’t be able to query it. Are your logs getting ingested? also where is your k8s cluster running can you provide some more info.
Yep, all the logs are coming through as expected, and I can see the
in the log record. I'm running on eks on aws.
If thats the case then these should also appear as fields on the left side of the logs page. can you share the output of the following commands.
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kubectl exec -n platform -it chi-my-release-clickhouse-cluster-0-0-0 -- sh

clickhouse client

use signoz_logs;

select distinct name from distributed_logs_resource_keys;
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FROM distributed_logs_resource_keys

Query id: 02a3aa7e-bcc4-4b13-a527-0223530f3dd4

│ host_name                   │
│ os_type                     │
│ signoz_component            │
I've deployed the helm to another environment with the same setup and it show and is queriable as expected... is it possible a redeployment should solve it?
One more question how many shards of clickhouse do you have ?
It should just be the one.
Got it then if your logs data is not important you can stop the otel collector pod, delete the
database and restart the collectors. Else we can schedule a call to fix this. Commands will be same as this https://signoz-community.slack.com/archives/C01HWQ1R0BC/p1678376272927989?thread_ts=1678299713.440809&cid=C01HWQ1R0BC
drop database signoz_logs
Awesome, thank you. I'll give it a go and report back
Reporting back, deleting the database broke things and signoz was unable to recover gracefully, no logs and was unable to get new logs even after rebooting all pods. I did however took everything down and redeployed and things seem to be working as the other environment now. Thanks for your time.
That’s strange, did you stop the collectors before deleting the database? And by broke can you share what happened exactly ?
yep, stop everything but the clickhouse pod. And by broke I mean no logs after starting them back up and no errors in either the agents or the collectors.