Hi, I'm new to SigNoz but I love it so far. I did...
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Hi, I'm new to SigNoz but I love it so far. I did run into one thing though I wanted to ask about. I followed the docs for collecting docker container logs and sending them to SigNoz running on a different host. https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/collect_docker_logs/ As I'm new to otel I'm uncertain about all the operators you can play around with so I used the config as posted in the doc. What I lack is a way to identify a container by name in the logs. With example config I get source=docker and container_id=<long id string>, none of which is very helpful. Docker applications is managed/deployed by Coolify so they just get random numbers as docker name. I could add an env variable in the deployment on Coolify to add a name to parse. This would then be available in
. But how can I parse out this value in the operators section?
ok thanks, will have a look