Hi All, So, I came across SIGNOZ while looking fo...
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Hi All, So, I came across SIGNOZ while looking for a “structured logging” tool similar to WANDB (but NodeJS-compatible). I realize the domains are different, but I’m still curious. I’d like to be able to log things like . . .
logger.log(‘txProcessed’,{txhash:..., startTime: ..., endTime:...})
logger.log(‘stockPrice’,{ticker:..., timeStamp: ..., price:...})
. . . and query the data for relevant features and time-related values. Obviously, I could simply create a DB with JSON tables and go nuts, but I’d rather use existing tooling (with helpful dashboards) to do the logging. Is this something SigNoz is capable of, and can someone point me in the right direction (docs or tutorials)? Best!
Is structured logging the main thing you are looking for? Depending on the environment you can follow one of these guides and collect and send the logs https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/logs/. You will have to put some (json) parser in place. @nitya-signoz can help you if you need some how to write non trivial stuff.
Yeah, if you are already using a structured logging format like json, you should be up and running with
as pointed above.
Ok, thanks. Do you mean inside
? Yeah, my goal is to focus on structured logging with the hopes of extracting relevant data over time. I’m discovering that Signoz makes log grabbing convenient, but is a bit aggressive. I just took a look at GrayLog and it provides stream HTTP endpoints that can be used to “scope” submissions. I’d like to do the following with SigNoz if at all possible: - Turn off all the “noise” at the root, not just in UI. Don’t collect everything. Only specific folders. - Support logs that get rotated (although I imagine this is possible by simply specifying a directory). - Direct HTTP submission (via POST. Think push not pull). I’ll read through the docs more closely, but in an effort to save time, can you point me to any direct links or instruction on these items?