I just installed signoz on kubernetes using the of...
# support
I just installed signoz on kubernetes using the official install guide and after running the Sample Application for about 2 minutes (it's stopped now) ClickHouse is taking up 7-8!! cores, repeatedly spamming the logs with erorrs like these:
<Error> MutatePlainMergeTreeTask: Code: 10. DB:Exception Not found column k8s_container_name in block. There are on │
│ ly columns: timestamp, id, severity_text, body, observed_timestamp, trace_id, span_id, trace_flags, severity_number, resources_string_key, resources_string_value, attributes_string_key, attributes_string_value, attributes │
│ _int64_key, attributes_int64_value, attributes_float64_key, attributes_float64_value. (NOT_FOUND_COLUMN_IN_BLOCK) (version (official build))
I haven't even started instrumenting my own application yet 😅