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Manikandan Swaminathan

01/26/2023, 11:04 AM
Apologies: I posted this a few minutes ago in the wrong channel: Any help would be greatly appreciated Me again now, a slight hiccup with logging in, I did not make note of the password that I set (this is docker standalone) installation, is there a place I can configure custom username and password in one of the containers? (edited) 4:28 It becomes very hard to debug locally without being able to reset it on localhost or via some config file 4:29 I am talking about the APP UI, the form that either lets you login or create a new account, I am stuck between lost password and "invite code needed" error


01/26/2023, 11:10 AM
One option is resetting admin password, not sure though if this is what you are looking for -

Manikandan Swaminathan

01/26/2023, 11:11 AM
Yes, the admin password is what I need to reset
Thank you Pranay for the quick response
Works like a charm, If this goes in one of those operator docs, it would be incredibly useful for people facing the same problem