hey, we are using Signoz v11.04 and we motivated t...
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hey, we are using Signoz v11.04 and we motivated to upgrade to the latest version. we saw that there are new dependencies at the latest version which we dont have. It is recommended to upgrade the chart version or uninstall and reinstall the new chart?
this is the recommended guide to upgrade @Adi Zalmanovich - https://signoz.io/docs/operate/kubernetes/#upgrade-signoz-cluster
@Prashant Shahi do you have any suggestions/recommendations here
@Adi Zalmanovich You can directly upgrade using the upgrade guide above. Be sure to include the override values if present via
flag or
ok, thanks. what about the dependencies? those are the dependencies in my chart
at the latest version those are the dependencies - should I update them as well?
@Adi Zalmanovich You do not need to update anything there manually, or clone the charts repo for that matter.
Unless you have your own changes.
You can upgrade SigNoz to latest version of chart in K8s by following our upgrade docs: https://signoz.io/docs/operate/kubernetes/#upgrade-signoz-cluster