Hi team, there is some kind of api documentation o...
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Hi team, there is some kind of api documentation or someone already automated the user management?
no api docs or provisioning automation from what I know of
@Prim Mayora Can you share more details on what's the use case around automated user management?
we want to add users to signoz but not on an individual basis “manual”
when someone gets onboarded we want to trigger an action to create the user
this will need some api calls
and other thing we spot is when we add someone there is not a mail sent to their inbox neither spam
cc @Fabio Botero Lyons
@Prim Mayora Trying to understand the use case a bit better. When you say someone is
what does that mean? Where does the user get created? Also, do you think integrating with SSO or SAML provider will be a way to solve this issue?
a new tech member in the organization
yep integrating with sso or saml will solve