Questions regarding the `otel-collector-metrics` s...
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Questions regarding the
service in the default docker compose file
: • what exactly is it for? • what would you miss out if you'd remove that service? • why is it sitting alongside the
@Ankit Nayan Should be able to add more details here
@Teymour It's an alternative to Prometheus's scraper component. We use it to scrape APM metrics generated by other otel-collectors (there is a workaround IMO to remove the dependency by making each otel-collector scrape it's own prometheus receiver).
Also, if you need to use some sort of Prometheus type scraping using configs, you would need otel-collector-metrics. If there is a target that needs to be scraped by just 1 otel-collector or it will create duplicate data then you need otel-collector-metrics as otel-collector-metrics is supposed to be a single instance in a cluster (or each otel-collector-metrics should have a different config to scrape). Eg would be k8s-cluster metrics which should be scraped by multiple otel-collectors as they would generate duplicate data (also it would be a redundant load on them) as the otel-collectors are expected to scale to large numbers
If you do not need any cluster level metrics and you want to remove otel-collector-metrics, you will lose APM metrics today which with a workaround can be made available.
Though I would recommend to keep otel-collector-metrics even if you don't make use of it much. It will consume minimal resources accordingly.
Why it is not available in the new update? Instead of that I can see schema migrator. otel-collector-metrics-config.yaml is also not available? (Docker Standalone)