Hello Support Team - We have upgraded Signoz to l...
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Hello Support Team - We have upgraded Signoz to latest version(0.12.0) but after that we are facing some issue with "No data to display" for any dashboards randomly if we refresh it multiple time then it will start to appear data but from other dashboards data will be showing as "No data to display".
After we refresh it, it will showing the data:
Can someone please help on this?
@Chintan Patel Are you using ClickHouse queries in dashboards? Once you start seeing that data - does it get into
No Data
state again?
@Chintan Patel what is the shardCount and replicaCount of clickhouse you are using?
has to be 1.
only supports multiple shards and not multiple replicas of clickhouse. The data disappearing issue could be due to multiple replicas if configured
Yes @Ankit Nayan - We have made 2 replicas of ClickHouse.
We made replica count to 1 and it is working fine.
But question is there, let's say somehow of one of the shard is crashed then how we can recover that shard data @Ankit Nayan?
@Chintan Patel replicas is the answer for that unless you backup clickhouse data. We shall be releasing support for replication soon
okay thanks for the information @Ankit Nayan