1. How can we Setup for Play Application as play a...
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1. How can we Setup for Play Application as play applications are not deployed as jar file- any documentation will be helpful. 2. Does Signoz support business logic level metrics and in business layer if we get exception how can we integrate with alerts- for example when an exception occurs in code does Signoz alert- any guidance documentation 3. Installing Signoz on ECS- any guidance notes would be greatly appreciated
@Deepa Katikineni 1. Can you share what do you mean by
Play Application
? Do you mean applications written in Play Framework? 2. Yes, you can set alerts on exceptions. You need to write ClickHouse queries for it. You can go to Alerts > New alerts > Exception based Alerts 3. We don't support installing SigNoz in ECS today - you can try stting up in kubernetes, which is the recommended way
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@Deepa Katikineni You can find more details on writing clickhouse queries here https://signoz.io/docs/tutorial/writing-clickhouse-queries-in-dashboard/
@Rahul Rammurat Chauhan You were trying to setup SigNoz in ECS right? Were you able to do that?
@Pranay Thank you, yes any guidance on how to setup for applications written in Play framework would be greatly appreciated