I just upgraded my signoz deployment using the lat...
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I just upgraded my signoz deployment using the latest helm chart. It looks like I've lost all my previously collected application telemetry. Is that normal?
From which version to which version did you upgrade? cc: @Prashant Shahi
I was on chart version 0.5.1 and upgraded to 0.6.0. BTW, I don't care at all about the data; I'm just hoping that's not expected on an upgrade.
@Wesley Hartford This is not expected, were you using TTL/Retention setting?
Honestly, I'm not sure. I just deployed for the first time last week and used all the default settings.
In general settings, I see blanks in the three Total Retention Period fields.
@Wesley Hartford No data loss is expected in the upgrade. Could you please share the steps you followed for the upgrade?
I use Rancher, so did the upgrade through their UI. This just amounts to a basic
helm upgrade
command using the new version of the chart and the default values.
Hi, I'm sorry for the confusion, but it looks like I have data from before the upgrade. I'm honestly not sure what happened, but as far as I can tell now, I didn't actually loose anything.
Whatever problem there was it either fixed itself overnight, or it was all me, probably the latter.