I added sampling to my agent collectors to reduce ...
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I added sampling to my agent collectors to reduce amount of traces collected. I placed the signozspanmetrics processor before the sampler yet the SigNoz UI seems to show the number of sampled requests vs the real number of requests as seen in the image. Is this supposed to be the case? I thought since I would be generating metrics for 100% of the traces I would get an accurate “Number of calls”. For reference I compared to Datadog and it is 7.66K and in SigNoz it reports 766 calls, which makes sense since sampling is 10% (off by 10x).
trace pipeline config:
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  receivers: [otlp]
  processors: [memory_limiter, signozspanmetrics/prometheus, probabilistic_sampler, batch]
  exporters: [otlphttp]
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  hash_seed: 42
  sampling_percentage: 10
This table is not using the spanmetrics data. Since it’s using the traces data, you don’t see the accurate total calls.
Would it make more sense for it to display total calls and not the ones sampled?
Are the other columns also not displaying span metrics data? Are P99 etc showing inaccurate numbers as well?
Key operations table and Latency graph are fetched from traces data. We should move them to fetching data from metrics. cc: @Ankit Nayan
Do you know if error rate fetched from traces or metrics? @Vishal Sharma
cc @Pranay
@Alexei Zenin Error rate is fetched from metrics
thanks, these are the metrics computed by signozspanmetrics processor?
cc @Andrew Uken