Hi everyone! How do I filter traces by plain text...
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Hi everyone! How do I filter traces by plain text? When I enter text in the query box, SigNoz tells me "Unrecognized query format", but the docs say "You can enter plain text in the Quick Filter input box and then select the Run button at the far right". https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/traces/#filter-spans-by-tagsattributes Some of the traces in our app return an "args" tag/attribute, I want to pick all traces whose "args" contain a string "texttosearch". I also tried the expression builder, but it only allowed exact matches against a full "args" object, while I need a match by a string. What is the idiomatic way to do this? Thanks in advance, Anton
@Pranay @Ashu I don't think we support such queries today🤔 but might be a good addition
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@Anton Davydov can you please create an issue and we will check if this is already enabled and disabled by mistake or we can make an addition to this
though it would be much more performant if you know the tag key you want to search in as we suggest values for tag keys.
Is searching by tag key not that easy? @Anton Davydov
Hi @Ankit Nayan, thank you for a swift reply! What search query would you recommend for tags that are passed as objects? For instance a tag "args" is "{0{message "sometext", otherArgs: "othertext"}}"
I can search by tag
args in ("{0:{message: "sometext", otherArgs: "othertext"}}")
but that would match only this exact trace, and wouldn't match other traces that have the same "message" but different "otherArgs".
that is true...usually users just store non-nested json as values of a tag key. The filtering is a bit coupled to keys today I would say. A free text search across all of tag keys and values might be a good idea.
mind raising an issue for that?
would try to pick up in next sprint
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I drafted an issue, feel free to edit it for clarity https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/1397
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@Ankit Nayan Thank you for answering my questions!
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