Hi. I'm struggling to understand what I should exp...
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Hi. I'm struggling to understand what I should expect to see in the 'Services' tab. I've seen other questions in this area, but none quite answer my query. I'm putting together a POC for a client and have a basic 3-hop kafka setup. I'm using spring boot, sleuth and the otel autoconfig. Everything is running in docker, and I see individual traces (via OTLP Grpc @ 4317). I've tried passing resource attrs in the env. Can you give me an idea as to what I should expect to see, and what I might be missing. Thanks.
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OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES: 'service:name=a_service'
in case it's useful
The services tab contains the list of the SERVER applications in your setup as of now.
@Leon Jones Is
service built with springboot? It should show appear if it is serving some APIs.
is a client call to kafka and hence it is not counted under a service for now.
We are planning to include such services in services list soon. It would be great if you could create a github issue so that we can track this publically
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