Thanks. I did follow the blog and did the setup. I...
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Thanks. I did follow the blog and did the setup. I am getting traces for http calls but not getting for graphql even though I added graphql instrumentation. Have you guys tested for NestJs graphql?
I want to know this as well, please when you answer this, remember to include federation and subscriptions requests. I have a microservice architecture built on top of those technologies and I want to monitor everything so that I will be in sync with my product
@Vishal Sharma do you have any inputs here?
We haven’t tried graphQL instrumentation for NestJs app but you can follow this blog: NodeJs instrumentation works for NestJs apps too, so it should work. If you face any issues please let us know.
Thanks Vishal for the reply. I tried out sample application in the blog and I am getting telemetry data for graphql. However while making the same changes for NestJs graphql application I am not getting telemetry data. I suggest you guys try out a POC. As NestJs Graphql is a wrapper around Apollo I guess vanilla implementation of opentelemetry for graphql is not working. Please try a POC from your side and let us know if it works for you
Sure @Vara Srinivas Created an issue for the same:
Hey @Vara Srinivas we have created sample nestjs graphql app which is instrumented with otel, have a look: Let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks Vishal. Will check the example
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