hey folks I'm <@U03M72H6TUZ> I helped build first...
# contributing
hey folks I'm @hashfyre I helped build first prototype architectures of signoz back in 2020. Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute anymore given my day job, but I think I return more as a potential user. (back then we were all cortex-kafka, not clickhouse)
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yo! welcome hashfyre 🙂 Looking forward to your feedback as you try SigNoz in your setup
It's so awesome to see you @hashfyre 👋
You have helped so much in initiating signoz when we were figuring out the different approaches 🙏
Thanks for the warm welcome. Amazing to see how signoz has grown 🙏
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In fact I started my exploration of DevOps journey after joining you folks at BeerOps 😛