I need help with participating in technical writin...
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I need help with participating in technical writing program. This is my first time creating a technical content, and I'm still a beginner at programming (but I have solid grasp of programming theoretical foundations and concepts). After reading some content, I think writers of the content on the blog from Signoz community are actively using Signoz for monitoring a app they have. (Or am I wrong? If you wrote a blogpost of this topic type, "How to set up Golang <or another programming language> application performance monitoring with open source monitoring tool - SigNoz", and didn't actually use Signoz actively to write the content, can you drop a comment? Thanks). I don't have a app to monitor or a app I am developing in a programming language that I can use Signoz for, so could I still give a try at creating a content? Anyone got any advise on how to go about it? Thanks.
@Ashu should be able to guide you further