Hey all. Is there an easy way to add `filelog` rec...
# support
Hey all. Is there an easy way to add
operators to support legacy first-party logs via the pods stdout (to parse e.g. the tracingId/spanId from the log lines)? Especially with setting this up with your helm chart? I've seen you have made many recent changes with 0.5.0 but I don't see a direct possibility anymore to enhance the
chart from the signoz chart values.yml. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
@nitya-signoz do you have more insights here?
Hi, here is an example config that you can take inspiration from https://github.com/SigNoz/nginx-logs-parsing/blob/eadf67dc1e6a13ae4fbf0c7f2e3039492ae1ec06/clickhouse-setup/otel-collector-config.yaml#L30. It uses a regex parser and then extract’s the trace_id and spanId and other attributes from logs that matches the regex. For setting this in your helm chart you will have to modify this file https://github.com/SigNoz/charts/blob/56e116b02ee12f6671c6cacc4f9fd9487ce23c6a/charts/k8s-infra/templates/_config.tpl#L211 . @Prashant Shahi please suggest if there is another way of doing this in the helm chart.
@Jeremy Prescott you are right. In the last release, we included presets to make it easy for users to set up OtelCollector config.
currently you would have to modify
file and deploy local chart changes.
I will be including the
option and few other
receiver related configs under the log collection preset option in the next patch release. (~2 days)
Thank you @Prashant Shahi and @nitya-signoz for the fast answers! As a patch release is around the corner, I will wait for your changes as modifying the
is not something I consider "clean". Thanks a lot for your work and I am looking forward to 0.5.1 🙂
Hi @Jeremy Prescott, we have released signoz chart 0.5.1 along with release of SigNoz v0.11.4. Do check out the latest
as it also includes more configurations for the presets.
Thank you very much @Prashant Shahi for pinging me and for making this change! I've seen it yesterday and already upgraded our deployment. Will look in to making the necessary changes to the values.yaml next week 👍