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<!channel> šŸ‘‹ It's been long since our last office hours. But we have a very interesting one upcoming next Wednesday. We launched support for logs in v0.11.0. We have spent some more time improving the performance, and doing perf benchmarks. We are seeing some good performance numbers in terms of resource utilization. In the office hours, we plan to share initial results on this, and also take in your feedback on how to improve it. šŸ¤— Agenda: ā€¢ Share initial results on logs performance in SigNoz ā€¢ Our findings on comparison with other open source tools like Elastic & Loki ā€¢ Discussion on how to improve it further and what type of features would be of interest to the community ā€¢ Office Hours Hoping to have some valuable discussion with you all to make logs management in SigNoz šŸ”„šŸš€. So, do tune in! Date & Time: Wednesday, 09 Nov 17:00 - 17:45 GMT+5:30 Wedensday, 09 Nov 07:30 AM - 08:15 AM ET Wedensday, 09 Nov 06:30 AM - 07:15 AM CT You can register for the office hours using the link below šŸ‘‡ https://lu.ma/signoz-logs-perf