Hello Team! I was following <this document> which...
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Hello Team! I was following this document which guide us to send node exporter data to SigNoz. I have noticed that on step Find Metrics available in Signoz at:
2. Connect to clickhouse instance in SigNoz
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./clickhouse client --host <SigNoz IP>  --port 9001
We see that the document indicate us to connect on port 9001 of SigNoz IP but when I try to run it on lab environment I got this:
[root@localhost /]# clickhouse client --host localhost --port 9001
ClickHouse client version (official build).
Connecting to as user default.
Code: 210. DB:NetException Connection refused ( (NETWORK_ERROR)
As per my Docker environment I have this IP address to my ClickHouse server:
[root@localhost /]# docker ps
c683e0184777 yandex/clickhouse-server: "/entrypoint.sh" 13 hours ago Up 43 minutes (healthy) 8123/tcp, 9000/tcp, 9009/tcp clickhouse-setup-clickhouse-1
[root@localhost /]# docker inspect -f '{{range.NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' c683e0184777
Checking the ClickHouse server config file I see below reference for ports:
Which seems to match the ports seen on docker ps above. When I run the connection command with container IP and port 9000 the connection is successfull:
[root@localhost /]# clickhouse client --host --port 9000
ClickHouse client version (official build).
Connecting to as user default.
Connected to ClickHouse server version 21.12.3 revision 54452.
This is a documentation inconsistency or a particularity on my lab environment? If so, should I update the documentation to guide user to follow my steps? Many thanks!
Hello @Hercules Gabriel da Silva e Mazucato!! We don't expose ClickHouse ports anymore. You follow either of the following to get the metrics: 1. Expose ports • install clickhouse-client • expose clickhouse ports in SigNoz
file • connect to clickhouse • run the clickhouse query to list metrics 2. Exec to the ClickHouse container • exec to clickhouse container
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docker exec -it clickhouse-setup_clickhouse_1 bash
• run the pre-existing clickhouse-client • run the clickhouse query to list metrics Also, you could use the following updated query to list metrics:
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select DISTINCT(JSONExtractString(time_series.labels,'__name__')) as metrics from signoz_metrics.time_series
It would be much appreciated if you could update the documentation. This is the website repository: https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz.io Thanks
Hi @Prashant Shahi! Thank you for the follow-up! I will update the article tonight. Many thanks!
@Hercules Gabriel da Silva e Mazucato Just checking if you are planning to work on updating the docs, or we should do this at our end 🙂
Hello @Pranay! I've just updated the docs with https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz.io/pull/282
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