I have the below requirement: I have One AWS EKS ...
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I have the below requirement: I have One AWS EKS cluster in DEV env with name ABC, in that i had 10 worker nodes,i am using jumpbox (ec2 instance) to access the dev env and in that i have install signoz 0.8.1 and i can acess it through curl localhost:3301 from dev jumpbox, now i need to access signoz dashboard over google chrome browser but it is not working for me. I tried with http//&lt;signoz frontend pod ip3301>>, even i tried changing the signoz-frontend svc type from ClusterIP to LoadBalancer and tried to access with http://<load balancer name:3301> but it is not working.
If you are using EKS (Kubernetes), your request route is: public-web --> ingress --> k8s-nodes? Than you need to map everyting in your k8s-ingress. Is that what you mean?
so that you can access the dashboard using your normal browser with ssl-encryption. Maybe a subdomain would be nice? We are using it like that
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    - host: <http://dashboard.your-domain.com|dashboard.your-domain.com>
          - path: /
              serviceName: signoz
              servicePort: 3301
Something like that in your ingress-deployment
@Benedikt thank you for your response, i have change the type for SVC signoz-frontend from CLUSTER IP to LOAD BALANCER, so shall I revet it back or let it be like that.
Is your cluster-ip bound to a domain and using ssl/tls?
@Benedikt and @Prashant Shahi The issue is resolved now, thank you very much for your help and support.
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