We have traces working from an elixir/phoenix appl...
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We have traces working from an elixir/phoenix application, all using OTel instrumentation. We would like to get metrics by using prom_ex. When trying to use prom_ex and have otel-collector scrape metrics directly, there seems to be no data. We can see the
endpoint being requested at the set interval, and have pipelined that receiver to
exporter, and we can see metric names in clickhouse client, but nothing shows in the UI. Maybe like above, we are missing some understanding of the metrics view? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
When you say nothing shows in the UI, which page are you referring to? Is it the dahsboards page?
@Kenichi Nakamura Since you are sending metrics in prom format, you need to create dashboards to visualise it. You can create graphs corresponding to your metrics using the following guide https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/dashboards/#create-a-custom-dashboard
@Srikanth Chekuri @Pranay ah, I was looking at the metrics page. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction
PromEx has some built-in dashboards for Grafana - I thought I’d try to make similar widgets in SigNoz, trying “apdex” first. I can add a value widget, and enter the PromQL, and see the proper value in preview - but when I save, the dashboard view shows a parse error in the widget. Am I doing something else wrong? I’ve confirmed this same query against a prometheus instance.
@Kenichi Nakamura PromQL queries should work in SigNoz. Can you share the API response you get on saving - will help use debug this. Also. can you try removing spaces between parentheses - and the exact PromQL query you are using
@Palash Gupta Do you have more insights on this?
@Pranay this is from the backend only.. as one of the query is failing
@Kenichi Nakamura would you mind sharing the full query you were running?
Here are the details of the request that fails when I click save. Here is the request that works, when I blur focus on the query field. The query content is linked above - I’ve added a no-newlines version to the gist. Happy to supply any more info I can to help, thanks for your response!
The request that fails seems to strip out the
char from the query. Note the
in working one and not the other.
@Kenichi Nakamura Thanks for sharing the queries. From the looks of it this seems to be URL encoding issue. There is another similar issue created. Will look into this and get it fixed.
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Raised the PR for this issue https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/pull/1154