Hey everyone, Been trying to use Signoz with Gori...
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Hey everyone, Been trying to use Signoz with Gorilla mux used this as reference: https://signoz.io/docs/instrumentation/golang/ Wasn’t getting any traces in the dashboard… what might an issue? can provide a minimal reproducible example.
Hi Deepankar, you can provide a minimal reproducible example here, so that if there is a minor error in your approach, member can resolve it here.
@Deepankar Can you check using this troubleshooting repo if your application is able to talk to SigNoz backend? - https://signoz.io/docs/install/troubleshooting/
do share here what you see
Thanks Pranay and Priyansh creating an exp Here’s the troubleshoot result, I tried the golang example too it works
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❯ ./troubleshoot checkEndpoint --endpoint=localhost:4317

2022-04-24T12:24:17.570+0530	INFO	workspace/main.go:28	STARTING!
2022-04-24T12:24:17.571+0530	INFO	checkEndpoint/checkEndpoint.go:41	checking reachability of SigNoz endpoint
2022-04-24T12:24:17.638+0530	INFO	workspace/main.go:46	Successfully sent sample data to signoz ...
Here’s the minimal reproducible example https://github.com/Deep-Codes/signoz-mux
@Vishal Sharma any insights into this.