Hi everyone, we are trying to create a poc to moni...
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Hi everyone, we are trying to create a poc to monitor some MS spring hosted on our k8s clusters, in the doc we find this reference configuration:
- job_name: "jvm-metrics"
scrape_interval: 10s
metrics_path: "/actuator/prometheus".
- targets: ["<IP of the machine>:8090"]
my question is related to this part: - targets: ["HOST:PORT"] what should be inserted in these parameters? which ip of the machine? thanks in advance
@User it's basically address to reach the endpoint hosting the jvm metrics.
If SigNoz is hosted in the same k8s cluster, then the address should look like DNS resolution of the service hosting metrics
also the service should expose port
where the prometheus metrics are exposed
Thanks @User but we use two different clusters. one is dedicated to signoz and one for applications. so i have to point to loadbalancer:8090 of the application cluster?
@User yes, if the loadbalancer is on service level. Might be different for ingress
ok, i'll give it a try and update you thanks
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@User Just one more question, but does the same target apply to this conf? prometheus: config: scrape_configs: - job_name: "otel-collector" scrape_interval: 60s static_configs: - targets: ["otel-collector:8889"] should i always point to the application cluster?
this is part of SigNoz and should not change
it is supposed to scrape another service in the same cluster where signoz is installed