Hi Team, I have tried to configure Signoz Alert C...
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Hi Team, I have tried to configure Signoz Alert Channel as google chat spaces webhook with below parameter. But, it has giving below error. Can you help me on the same? Channel Name: Test Channel Type: Webhook Webhook URL: https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/{SPACE_ID}/messages?key={Authkey}&token={Authtoken} Error: Failed to send a test message to this channel, please confirm that the parameters are set correctly CC: @Prakshal Shah
@Amol Umbark do you have more insights on this?
@Bhavesh Patel can you please share log of alert manager with following steps: • Stop All services • Start All services • Visit webhook settings page, click test channel • Share alert manager log
@Amol Umbark: Can you help me where from I see alert manager logs and export the same?
are you on k8s? or using docker-compose?
on docker-compose
ok.. @Prashant Shahi can answer this better but you can do
docker ps
to get alert amanager ps id then
docker -t -f logs <ps id>
to get the log.
do the same thing for query service .. and share the log please
its likely that google chat is rejecting the message
if you are looking to send webhook message to other service, you will have to write a lamabda or a service in the middle to transform the webhook message
I would suggest testing your webhook by creating a test endpoint from https://webhook.site/
if this works then its likely problem with google chat webhook rejecting the message for being in wrong format
google chat webhook rejecting the message for being in wrong format
This is true. They need to use addition component to get it work with gchat something like this https://github.com/julb/alertmanager-gchat-integration or calert
@Amol Umbark: I got below error in alert manager logs. Can you please check it and help us on the same? level=error ts=2022-10-11T153853.222Z caller=api.go:808 component=api version=v1 msg="API error" err="server_error: unexpected status code 400: https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/{SPACE_ID}/messages?key={SPACE_KEY}&amp;token={SPACE_TOKEN}" CC: @Prakshal Shah
can you try setting up webhook with webhook.site to confirm the setup and connections are fine. I suspect the problem is google rejecting the message. the format of chat api is unlikely to support what we send. please review response of webhook message in webhook.site when you test and map it to requirements of google chat api. you may have to write a separate service that listens to signoz message and transforms and sends it to google chat api
sorry i am out side and could not take your huddle request
Can you help us with any reference to do it?
you need reference for using webhook.site ?
I don't have any specific reference to send webhook messages to google chat . it the following has the format of webhook message. you will need to write a http service that listens to webhook for this message and redirects to google chat https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/alerts-management/#sample-format-of-a-webhook-message if you are open to use zapier, you would not have to write a service. zapier can tap into signoz webhook and then allow you to apply transformations