Anyone know how to get Signoz up and running on EK...
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Anyone know how to get Signoz up and running on EKS with fargate? Stuck on taint/toleration issue: 0/7 nodes are available: 7 node(s) had taint { fargate}, that the pod didn't tolerate. I tried to understand the helm charts in the github repo, but I just don't know enough about helm to figure this out. It seems like there's a way to provide tolerations as part of the helm chart deployment, but again, don't know enough (had to read up on Kubernetes just to to figure out what taints/tolerations are, and only now have a basic understanding of how they work. It is basic. At best. And that's being generous to myself :') I tried with some various random attempts to put it inside variables, but no luck. (Using CDK against EKS Fargate). Any help would be appreciated.
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const tolerations = [
        key: "<|>",
        operator: "Equal",
        value: "fargate:NoSchedule",
        effect: "NoSchedule"
        key: "<|>",
        operator: "Equal",
        value: "fargate",
        effect: "Schedule"

    this.cluster.addHelmChart('signoz', {
      namespace: 'signoz', 
      createNamespace: true,
      repository: '<>',
      chart: 'signoz',
      release: 'signoz-r1',
      values: {
        zookeeper: { // test if zookeeper pods will schedule, did not work
        tolerations, // Putting it right at the root? Nope, didn't work.
        global: {
          storageClass: "ebs-sc",  
          tolerations        // Maybe global will work? Nope.
        clickhouse: {
          cloud: "aws",
          installCustomStorageClass: false
      wait: false