Hey :wave::skin-tone-2: I'm evaluating Signoz as a...
# general
Hey 👋🏻 I'm evaluating Signoz as a potential replacement for Honeycomb, and wanted to check for the presence of a few features I’m maybe just missing in the UI
The primary area I’m interested in is querying spans/traces
Something we do a lot in honeycomb is to try and identify things like “most frequent user”
Which involves grouping spans by e.g. user or org
I can't seem to find a way to do this in the signoz UI, and was hoping it was on the road map, or that I'd simply missed it
The other thing I'm looking for is the ability to dashboard span queries
It looks like you can only do that with metrics at the minute
It looks like you can only do that with metrics at the minute
Correct, the plan is enable this to traces/spans and logs eventually with the unified query builder interface. But if you are comfortable with writing sql queries you can still plot trends of spans/traces/logs using the ClickHouse tab from the options.
As an example say you want to see number of spans with duration > 30ms for a minute interval for last thirty you could write something like this and the dashboard plot should work
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    toDateTime(toStartOfMinute(timestamp)) AS minute,
    toFloat64(count()) AS count
FROM signoz_traces.signoz_index_v2
WHERE (durationNano >= 30000000) AND (timestamp > toDateTime64(now() - toIntervalMinute(30), 0, 'UTC'))
GROUP BY minute
@Pete Woods 👆
Thanks for those replies
I’m not looking to filter by tags
I’m looking to group by tags
Which involves grouping spans by e.g. user or org
@Pete Woods would you like to create a github issue for this? This should be very much doable with minor changes
That sounds fantastic
I'll put more detail in the ticket
awesome 🙌
@Pete Woods BTW why are you looking to move out of honeycomb? Any missing features or pricing?
My company wants to reduce spend on Honeycomb
It's got eye wateringly expensive
And the solution proposed is to heavily sample all our data
However this will prevent my team from doing the analytics we're used to
So we're looking at self hosted alternatives
I have raised that feature request
It's likely we're the sort of company that would end up paying for enterprise Signoz, if it meets our needs
got it...
As SAML is going to be gated behind that
a few things that can help us. Create all issues that aggregate your basic needs that you feel missing in signoz. We might pick many of them in up coming sprint.
Second, what is the timeline you are looking at for moving to another tool?
Right now we're in an experimental phase
And have deployed a small deployment of Signoz, which was relatively straightforward
I, at least, am willing to wait a bit to see how Signoz comes on
As there doesn't seem to be any other alternative products
That aren't similarly expensive to Honeycomb
awesome..then we will collect up all basic requests and use cases that you wish to see solved in signoz in a couple of weeks.
Please file all detailed use cases that you want covered 🙂
we shall pick those up in next sprint (after 2 weeks)