Hey <@U03QS81J47L> :wave: any reason for viewing ...
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Hey @sudhanshu dev 👋 any reason for viewing the raw data in S3?
when cold storage is enabled with TTL, telemetry data would be stored at clickhouse default volume disk and AWS S3. Let's say, default disk for 7 days and 30 days in S3. When data is queried from SigNoz UI for last 15 days, it automatically aggregates 7 days data from default disk and rest 8 days data from S3. Data older than 7 days are "eventually" moved to S3 while data older than 30 days are "eventually" removed from S3. So, there would be no need to view raw data which is being kept at S3.
Means if I wants to views old data signoz automatically make available for us
Means it will read data from s3 and clickhouse automatically
Am I correct?
yes, you are correct
Got it
Bcz I was thinking
After moving data to cold storage
How would it be available
If someone ask for old data
It is taken care by SigNoz.. You would just have to set TTL value accordingly.