<@U02G8LU1LKG> interesting idea. Do you mean only ...
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@User interesting idea. Do you mean only being able to see services based on these filters or also filter traces based on these attributes?
@User I thought it would be nice to be able to filter services in the 'Traces' view - so that if lets say you have hundreds of services across tens of namespaces it would be easier to navigate through services. I'd say the same thing about the 'Metrics' view... it might get hard to navigate through many services (Not to mention what would happen if there are 2 services with the same name in 2 different namespaces... 'backend' for example... check out OTELs 'Service' semantic conventions about that topic... comment [2] 🙂 : 'service.name' & 'service.namespace' should be unique). Beside the ability to distinguish between services in the 'Traces' & 'Metrics' views, Adding to the 'Service Map' view the ability to show services only related to selected namespaces can also help a lot in my opinion - that way it will be much easier to navigate through the map when there are many services... I guess something like a checklist of namespaces should do the job 🙂
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