Hello everybody, I am always trying to fix connect...
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Hello everybody, I am always trying to fix connecting my application to signoz via metrics endpoint
http://<IP of SigNoz backend>:55681/v1/metrics
but unfortunately, I couldn't find any solution. I curled the endpoint, but the connection has failed
hi @User Can you share which docs are you trying to follow? 55681 end point was depracated recently. If you cans hare what you are tying to do in more details, we can guide you accordingly
I folloewd exactly this tutorial


What I tried to do is plotting a customized node js app metric in the dashboard+
but unfortunatly, once I run my
even the app is not detected
i see. let me check this and get back in some time.
Alright, thank you
@User apologies, the docs and the video are a bit outdated as we recently changed ports from 55681. Can you try the sample code in this example? -https://github.com/SigNoz/custom-metrics-examples/tree/main/nodejs