If you can figure out how to instrument even in Ja...
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If you can figure out how to instrument even in Jaeger/Zipkin format, SigNoz can ingest the data..since it uses otel-collector
so I can use jaeger/zipkin connector and just put signoz url? that's neat! but since signoz use access token, how do I put it? can I add it as query param? since the library doesn't seem to support adding header
you can deploy otel-collector as an agent in your infra which can add headers when using OTLP exporters
https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector/blob/main/config/configgrpc/README.md#client-configuration The endpoint in this config will be
If you need help in setting up open-telemetry collector -> I can surely help. I am afraid, I can't help much on instrumenting php. But if you can install a simple otel-collector and send Zipkin/Jaeger/OpenCensus data to it, we are sorted 🙂
What is the priority to this setup? Will try to find some time acccordingly