only problem I'm having is incorporating it into m...
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only problem I'm having is incorporating it into my Spring Boot test app ... I'm getting the following error in my logs
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[otel.javaagent 2021-06-28 11:10:02:965 +0200] [grpc-default-executor-3] ERROR io.opentelemetry.exporter.otlp.metrics.OtlpGrpcMetricExporter - Failed to export metrics. Server responded with UNIMPLEMENTED. This usually means that your collector is not configured with an otlp receiver in the "pipelines" section of the configuration. Full error message: UNIMPLEMENTED: unknown service opentelemetry.proto.collector.metrics.v1.MetricsService
Hey @User, sorry for late reply. I handle tech at SigNoz. The above error message means the metrics data is not ingested but the trace data should be ingesting and you should be able to see your service in SigNoz dashboard's 1st page. To remove the above error we can ask not to collect metrics by setting
env variable apart from the other 2 you have set.
I shall include this in docs too